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Membership Expiration Notices
Membership Expiration Notices

When a membership expires, the Member will receive an automated expiration notice.

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As a core component, Join It helps you manage your members -- which includes the status of their memberships. Commonly, statuses will change (usually due to an expiration date or admin's manual update) and the member needs to be notified of this change. 

Join It helps keep your members up-to-date with automated Expiration Notice emails.

Description of Expiration Notification Emails

Expiration Notifications will be delivered to members when their membership expires. 

On the expiration date, we'll automatically notify the member that their membership has expired with an email (example screenshot has been included below). This email will prompt them with an option to renew their membership.

If a member chooses to renew their membership by clicking on the 'Renew Membership' button, then we'll take them directly to the renew form with their current information populated and ready for confirmation.

Get ahead with Renewal Reminders

We allow for the configuration of renewal reminders that remind members with upcoming expiration dates to renew before their memberships end. 

This feature is a part of our Starter Package, which you can try risk-free here.

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