How to edit Membership Types

Learn how to setup your Membership types to meet the needs of your organization

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Note: Because 'Membership Types' are synced to your Stripe account, there are actions that Stripe does not allow. If you need to select an option that isn't available, please contact Join It -- or create a new Membership Type. 

From the dashboard, navigate to the 'Members' section. In the right hand corner, click on the tab that reads 'Member Settings'.

When you see the list of your Membership Types, click on the one that you would like to edit.

Shortcut: Alternatively, you can select the respective Membership Type directly from the bottom of your main Dashboard.

Update the desired fields

Click the 'Edit Details' button and you can update a number of respective traits on the Membership Type. 

When you are done making the updates, submit the form by clicking 'Update'.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about editing your membership types or if you need any assistance, then please contact us.

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