With Join It, you can track many different dimensions of your member's lifecycle. 

We support 5 different member statuses: 

  • Prospective: The prospective status can be given to members who are interested, but haven't committed to joining.  

  • Pending: The pending status can be given to members who have applied, but haven't been approved or payment hasn't been confirmed.

  • Active: The active status is for your full members. 

  • Expired: The expired status is given to a member who their membership period expires and they haven't renewed.

  • Cancelled: The cancelled status is given to members who had their membership cancelled. 

Changing the status of a membership is easy: 

  1. From the individual Membership Record

  2. Click on their current status label or the link that says 'Change Status'

  3. From there, you'll see different options that you can select from (if the respective membership is set to automatically re-bill, then cancelling the re-billing will be an option). 

If you have any questions about this functionality, then please get in touch!

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