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A Comprehensive Guide to Collecting Donations with Join It
A Comprehensive Guide to Collecting Donations with Join It

Learn how to set up a donation for your Members.

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Join It offers versatile solutions for Organizations to streamline donation collection from their members. Whether you require a simple donation process or seek integration with specialized platforms like Kindful, Join It provides flexible options tailored to your needs.

Donation Options

Donations on Top of Membership Payment

Seamlessly integrate donation collection with membership payments by offering donors the option to contribute additional funds during the checkout process. This feature is currently activated by making a request to the support team at Join It, either by chatting us or emailing us at

Once this setting is activated, then there will be an additional panel on the checkout (and renewal) pages that ask for an additional donation. (See screenshot below)

This additional donation field will display on all Membership Types for the Organization.

Membership Types with Donation Pricing

One popular feature of Join It is the ability to set Membership Types with a 'Donation' price. This allows members to set their own donation amount, within predefined parameters. Organizations will also commonly name this Membership Type to be something like "Alternative Donation".

To set this up, create a new Membership Type and enable the 'Advanced Settings' to select the 'Donation' pricing type. (See screenshots below)

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Default ('Fixed') Pricing with Multiple Options

Alternatively, Organizations can offer multiple fixed-tier Membership Types labeled as donations. This approach allows for automatic rebilling, enhancing donation continuity. (which isn't available with the 'open' pricing approach).

If an Organization sets up and offers multiple Membership Types for donations, they'll often use the 'direct link' option and sometimes 'hide' the different Membership Types from their profile.

Integration with Kindful

For Organizations with complex donor programs and a need for separate donor tracking, Join It offers a seamless integration with Kindful. Kindful excels at setting up donation campaigns and allows Organizations to track member contributions effectively. Utilize this integration to manage memberships and donations in different systems that seamlessly connect. If you're interested in two integrated, but 'best in class', platforms -- then you can leverage our Kindful Integration (see this article).

Additional Features

  • Donors can be set to a 'Prospective' or 'Pending' status: Adjust your settings to assign donors a 'Prospective' status, keeping them separate from 'Active' members.

  • Automatic Donation Record Merging: If donors are set to a 'Prospective' status, the Join It system will automatically match and merge email addresses when there is a respective 'Active' member. This ensures that the member record reflects both the membership payment and the donation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use the 'open priced membership type' not as a donation option?

Yes, you can utilize the 'open priced membership type' for purposes beyond donations.

You can also adjust the Terminology Settings under the membership type to reflect its intended use, such as membership or donation. (See screenshots below)

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2


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