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Collect an additional donation on top of membership dues
Collect an additional donation on top of membership dues

Give your members the option to give more in the form of an additional donation

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Organization admins can now activate a setting that allows for your members to 'add on' an additional donation on top of their Membership Dues during check out.

Feature Summary

How to activate

This feature was launched on 15 Dec 2021, and it is currently activated by making a request to the support team at Join It (either chat up or use

How it works

Once this setting is activated, then there will be an additional panel on the checkout (and renewal) pages that ask for an additional donation. See screenshot below.

This additional donation field will display on all Membership Types for the Organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the Membership Type is set up to automatically rebill, then will the 'Additional Donation' also automatically rebill?

Yes, if the Membership Type is set up to automatically rebill - then the 'Additional Donation' will also automatically rebill. Further down in this article, we've included a screenshot showing the disclaimer indicating that additional donations rebill.

Does the 'Add on' payment incur the tax up within our Organization?

Yes, the Tax that is set up on your Organization will also apply to the Add on payment. However, if you don't have a Tax set up within your Organization, then it won't incur a tax.

What does the user experience look like?

To help you visualize the actual experience, we've included screenshots of the user experience below.

Screenshot #1 - showing the Checkout Page with the 'Additional Donation' panel

Screenshot #2 - showing a receipt with 2 line items - the payment for the membership and an additional donation

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