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Information regarding Join It's Fees, and Stripe's fees.

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Commonly, there are two fees for using Join It:

Monthly Fee:

  • Free Package - $0/month

  • Starter Package - $29 USD/month

  • Growth Package - $49 USD/month

  • Total Package - $99 USD/month

  • Extra Package - $249.00 USD/month

Service Fee:

  • Between 1.5% - 4% depending on monthly Package

You can see what each subscription offers here:

There is also a Payment Processing fee from Stripe:

Stripe also has an unlimited NPO discount (more information below in 'Common Questions')

Common Questions

Why do you charge two fees? 

  • Join It charges a Service Fee in addition to our monthly fees in order to keep our subscription fees as low as possible and accessible to organizations of all sizes. By charging a Service Fee that is calculated by membership sales, we make sure that our subscription fees are as affordable as possible. Additionally, it's set up so that larger organizations who use the service to process more memberships, end up paying a bit more. Lastly, it aligns Join It and our organizations, so that we're not making money unless you're selling memberships. 

Do you have discounts?

  • Yes we do! Join It offers two discounts, 10% off for Non-profits and Charities (Learn more here) and we also offer 10% off for annual payments. These two discounts can even be used together. If you are able to use both of them together, then it turns out to be the equivalent of only $23.20/month for the Starter Package or $79.20/month for the Total Package.

What membership dues does the Service Fee apply to? 

  • The Service Fee from Join It and the payment processing fee from Stripe only applies to online membership payments. This means that the Service Fee will not apply to membership payments that are made offline (e.g. Cash, Check, in-person payments, bank transfers, etc). Even if these payments are recorded in the Join It system, the Service Fees will not apply to offline payments. 

Can I pass on the Service Fees to my members? 

  • Absolutely! Join It has a tool that allows organizations to create an additional 'Fee' or 'Tax' that's calculated on top of the membership price. Though this was initially created for additional taxes charged by the organization, it's become popular for organizations to add a 'Processing fee' or 'Online fee' on to their memberships. 

  • You can learn more about this here as well.

Does Stripe have an NPO discount?

  • Yep! Stripe also has a nonprofit discount for their payment processing dues. Their nonprofit approval and discount varies by country. More information can be found by emailing Stripe directly at

Which currencies is the Join It's Package prices listed in?

  • All listed pricing for Join It is in USD. 

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