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Passing fees onto your Members
Passing fees onto your Members

Learn how to pass the service fees onto your Members

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There are two ways to pass the service fees onto your Members.

The first way is to simply just add the fee amount into your Membership type's pricing to include that for the Member to pay.

The second way would be to add a Tax onto your Memberships, that way the fees pass along for the member to pay and they can see that as well.

To set up a Tax for the service fees you'll want to:

  • Navigate to the Taxes & settings page under the Finances tab in your dashboard or click here.

  • Complete the form to create your specific tax rule and click 'Set Tax'.

  • Important: If you don't want the fees to be included into the Membership amount, then you'll want to uncheck the option to do that under 'Include Tax'.

  • Once you've done that, you're all set - it'll now show that Tax when a Member pays for their Membership.

Here's a screenshot of the page to set the Tax:

Here's what that tax would look like to the Member:

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