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Use Stripe Tax for automatic Stripe calculation and collection
Use Stripe Tax for automatic Stripe calculation and collection

Learn more about our integration with Stripe Tax and how to activate this feature

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Availability & Activation

Note from the team at Join It: At the time of launch (July 2023), this feature is only available to customers on the Total and Extra Packages and processing their memberships in USD. To activate this feature, please submit a request to the support team via chat or email:


In the cases where customers have complicated tax obligations, we've integrated with Stripe Tax to facilitate automatic tax calculation and tax collection.

A scenario for needing Stripe Tax might include having multiple locations set in different tax jurisdictions, where the amount collected depends on the location of the buyer.

Below is an example of the Invoice that customers will receive after their payment.

Setting Up in Stripe

To set this up within your Stripe account, you only need to add your Tax Registrations. Once your Tax Registrations are added and set to 'Live', then you're good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Stripe determine the location of the buyer/member?

The method for determining the location of the buyer/member depends on the information that's collected and provided to Stripe. If the organization chooses to collect the Address using our default fields, then Stripe will use this Country, State, and Zip Code (for our US-based buyers) to determine the tax calculation. If the Address isn't collected, then Stripe will make the calculation based on a location derived from the IP address of the buyer/member.

Is the Stripe Tax calculation dynamically displayed on the checkout page?

The final Stripe Tax calculation is displayed on the Invoice and Receipt. Currently, it's not displayed on the checkout page - but the member will see the final price on the receipt after checkout.

Can I use Stripe Tax and set another Tax manually through Join It?

Nope! If you choose to use Stripe Tax, then you can not manually set your own Tax rules through Join It. By choosing to turn on Stripe Tax and its automatic collection, this will override any manually set Tax rules.

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