Assigning Membership IDs

Learn more about the different options for assigning Membership IDs -- including our auto-assignment feature.

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While most Organizations do not assign Membership IDs, some Organizations require the ability to associate an ID with a membership for various reasons. 

When using Join It, there are two options for assigning Membership IDs: 

  • Manual: Organization admins can optionally assign Membership IDs when creating a new membership, or at any time from the membership record. 

  • Sequential (auto-assign): Join It will automatically assign a Membership ID to members when the membership record is created. When setting this feature up, organization admins can determine which Membership ID number to begin the sequence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common Membership ID numbers to begin a sequence? 

Most commonly, organizations will start at 1 -- however, if an organization wants less visibility into their total membership they might choose something like:

  • 1000 (choosing a large, round number)

  • 2019000 (incorporating the year)

  •  12345 (choosing a completely random number)

Are Membership IDs required? 

Not at all! Most Organizations on Join It do not use Membership IDs, but there are a fair amount that do. 

Choose what ever works best for your organization! 

Does the auto assigning Membership ID feature automatically apply to Memberships that are Bulk Imported?

Nope! This feature doesn't apply to imports, only to Members who join within your Join It account, however you can always add the Members ID's within the Members template sheet for import.

When I set up the auto-assigning Membership ID feature, will it automatically backdate the IDs and overwrite my existing Membership IDs?

Nope! Your existing Membership IDs are safe and won't be overwritten. The system will start off on the next member that joins your Organizations through Join It.

Can I 'backdate' Membership IDs to my current membership base? 

Of course! Chat us and we're happy to help you with this. 🙂

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