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Managing Group Memberships
Organizations/Businesses as Members, instead of Memberships for Individuals
Organizations/Businesses as Members, instead of Memberships for Individuals

Learn more about the settings that serve selling memberships to Businesses or Organizations, instead of Individuals

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Many of our customers sell their memberships to an entity - like an Organization, Nonprofit, or Business - instead of regular individuals. So we've developed some specific features that assist with this.

Detailed Overview for Organization/Business as Members

Setting the Primary Field

Join It provides a setting that allows organization admins to adjust the 'Primary Field' of a Membership Record. And this setting can be adjusted by Membership Type, so if you sell memberships to 'Organizations' and 'Individuals' - you can apply this setting accordingly.

When selecting the Primary Field, you can select which field is elevated to become the 'Primary Field' for the Membership Record. The most common options are:

  • Company Field: The most common field that folks turn into the 'Primary Field' for this case is the 'Company' field. If you're selling to Corporations or Corporate Sponsors, then it makes sense to have the 'Company' as the Primary Field.

  • Custom Field: Alternatively, you can elevate one of the 'Custom Fields' that you've created to be the Primary Field.

Group Registration

Another unique feature of Join It that supports an alternative structure to 'Individual' memberships is our Group Registration feature.

Group Registration is a setting under each 'Membership Type' and determines very specific behavior:

  • Pricing per Group (not by individual): The most important aspect of 'Group Registration' is that pricing is calculated differently. In this case, the cost is calculated on a 'per group' basis - rather than calculated by the number of individual memberships. For example, you could sell a Corporate Sponsor group for $1000 - and this group supports 5 to 15 memberships. The payment collected will always be the same, regardless of whether it's 5 memberships, 10 memberships, or 15 memberships in the group.

  • Group Structure: Within your Member Database, there's an additional structure that organizes membership records via Groups. This is helpful for viewing related memberships and managing those members.

Segment by Membership Type

When setting up your Member Database, the top-level segmentation tool are your Membership Types. So many Organizations will set up specific Membership Types for Organizations/Businesses - if they also support memberships for Individuals.

By segmenting your Organization/Business Members into different Membership Types, you get the ability to:

  • Send targeted ad hoc emails with our Quick & Easy Emails tool

  • Customize the message in our Automated Emails specifically for Organization/Business Members

  • Run reports for Organization/Business Members


We're thrilled to support specific features that cater to our customers who sell to Organizations/Businesses. Across our 1,500 customers and $75,000,000 in memberships sold - we've truly seen it all!

So if there's something that you'd like to see, or help accomplishing - then please reach out to let us know!

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