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How members can view and download their payment receipts and invoices (in PDF)
How members can view and download their payment receipts and invoices (in PDF)

Learn how members can view and download their receipts/invoices for their membership payments

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Every organization has a member portal, so members can log in to:

  • View their membership

  • Update their membership details

  • Update their payment method

  • View and download receipts and invoices for membership payments

  • ... and more!

Quick Demo for Downloading PDFs via Members Portal

Information for Members looking to download a PDF receipt or invoice for a Membership payment

As a member, you can download PDFs for membership payments that were made online and through Join It via the Member Portal for the respective Organization.

If you're already logged into the Member Portal, then you'll see there's a section called 'Payments' that lists all of your membership payments to the Organization.

When you click on one of these payments, you'll see a more detailed view of the payment -- and the option to "Download Payment Record" (currently, this is only available for online payments made through Join It).

Information for Organizations looking to learn more about the Member Portal and what's available to Members

To send members to your Member Portal, you can link them to your main profile (your Profile link is customizable and can be found on your Dashboard) where they'll find a button at the top that says "Already a Member? Login". Alternatively, you can add a "/members" to the end of your Profile link to send members directly to the Member Portal.

One component of these membership details includes payments made by the member to the organization. These payments are listed beneath the card displaying the main details on a membership and members can click on the cards to view additional details and a receipt. We've included an example screenshot in the section above.

This receipt will display differently depending on the configuration of the organization. Including the following scenarios:

  • Organization's Address: If an organization has set an address, then the address will display under 'Invoice From'

  • Recipient's Address: If the respective membership type is collecting an address, then the address for the invoice recipient will display under 'Invoice To'.

  • Line Item for Tax: If the organization has set tax rules, then there will be a separate line item displaying the calculated tax.


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