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How to onboard your members to Join It
How to onboard your members to Join It

This article will help you add members into your database!

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You've set up your Join It account, and now you're wondering how to transfer your members over to Joint It? We can certainly help you with that!

There are three ways for you to add your members into your database, you can do this by manually adding in members as an Admin, by doing a Bulk Import, or by a member Joining themselves on your website! :)

First you'll want to manually add in a few members, so you can get the hang of it.

  • You can go here to add in members manually, or you can go to your Dashboard, and click on 'Members' then 'Add Members' to get there as well! 

  • Then you'll want to choose a Membership Type and the quantity of Members you would like to add in right now.

  • You can choose whether you want to include an Offline Payment or you can choose to add no payment in.

  • You have the option to send a Confirmation email to this member once they have been added into the system, or you can do that later on as well! 

  • After that, you'll want to add in the Members information, the key things to add in are the members Name, and Email address.

  • Once you're done filling out that information you can click on the green button that says 'Add Member'.

  • You can then view that member, and any other member in your Members Table here! It should look something like the image below:

Now that you're a pro at manually adding members into your database, you can work on doing a Bulk Import to upload all of your members at once! 

You can do that by downloading the Bulk Import template and transferring your data there. We have a super helpful article that will walk you through every step of the Bulk Import, you can find that here:

We also offer live 1:1 onboarding sessions to help walk you through adding your Members - that can be scheduled here.

As always, we are here to help if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us anytime! :) 

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