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Member Directory

Organizations can enable a Member Directory within their Member Portal. This Portal can be for Members-only or displayed publicly.

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Overview of Member Directory

Organizations that are using the Growth, Total, or Extra Packages can enable the Member Directory under their Member Portal.

This feature is a simple, quick, and affordable way to build a Directory that highlights your Active memberships. This can be used to either:

  • Offer a benefit to your current Active members, so that can view other Active members within the Organization

  • Highlight your Active members to the public. This works in cases like Chamber of Commerces, Development Associations, etc.

Functionality of Member Directory

Select the Directory Fields

Organization admins can enable their Member Directory under the 'Profile' > 'Profile Settings' section within their Dashboard.

Once you navigate to the settings for the Member Directory, you have the option to select which individual Fields you want displayed for each member within the Directory.

Some highlights of this functionality:

  • Organizations can select from a list of fields to determine what they want shown on the Member Directory.

  • The directory fields are displayed in the order that they are activated (top to bottom).

  • We have a 'preview' of what your Directory will look like that you can view while you choose which fields to activate.

Screenshot of Member Directory Settings

Privacy Settings: Active Members-only vs Publicly Displayed

One of the options surrounds the Privacy Setting - and whether you want either the viewers to be:

  • Publicly Displayed: As an organization admin, you can choose to set the privacy of the Member Directory to be publicly displayed - so that anyone can view the members within the Member Directory. This settings works well for organizations like Chamber of Commerces.

  • Active Members-only: The default setting is for the Member Directory to be restricted to 'Active Members-only' - so that access to the Member Directory can be a benefit that's restricted to only active members.

Filtering Membership Types

As an organization admin, you can choose to restrict which memberships are displayed within the Member Directory by Membership Type.

This is a very flexible functionality that allows for the hiding/noninclusion of Memberships based on Membership Type.

Search in Member Directory

Within the Member Directory, visitors will be able Search Memberships to find specific Directory listings.

There are two types of search that are potentially available:

  • Broad Search: Allows for search on display name, first name, last name, email, company, and phone number (all of these search fields are dependent on them being set up as available directory fields by the org admin)

  • Address Search: Allows for search on Street Address and Zip/Postal Code (dependent on the org admin enabling the 'full address' field within the Member Directory)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up my Member Directory?

Will this be available for all Organizations?

  • This feature will be available for Organizations that are under our Growth Package or Total Package. 

Can only Members view the Member Directory?

  • You can choose to have the Member Directory set up to be viewed by logged in Members only, or you can set it to be viewed by the public.

Where can Members view the Member Directory?

  • You can click to view your Member directory (shown in the first question listed above), and then grab that URL to share to whom ever you wish.

  • Most Organization's like to post their Member Directory in the Members-only section found under each Membership type's settings page, or under the Description for your Profile page if the Member Directory is set up to be viewed by the Public. :)

  • You can get to the Members-only section in your Membership types settings by going to the Membership type page then click on one you wish to edit and then click on 'Edit Members-only info'. You can add the URL to your Member Directory page there, that way your members will see that information when they login to their member portal.

Here's a quick video with more information on how to do this as well:

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