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Overview of our Members Check In Tools

Learn about how you can Check In your Members using a QR Code or from the Membership Record. Including Check In management and reporting.

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Using Join It to manage your members is the easiest way to collect and manage Member Check Ins from your membership database.

With Join It's different tools, you'll be able to easily 'Check In' a member and view their Check In history.

Video Summary

Check Ins for Memberships

Check In via Membership Records

One of the options for managing Check Ins is doing so directly from the Membership Record.

On the Membership Record, you'll be able to:

  • View a count of previous Check Ins

  • View details of all Check Ins

  • Add new Check Ins

  • Remove previous Check Ins

If you don't see this on your Membership Records, then you'll need to 'activate' this feature (see the bottom of this article for specific instructions).

Check In via QR Codes and Mobile Devices

Join It offers a comprehensive solution that allows for quick scanning of Digital Membership Cards via QR Code to check-in Members.

Reporting for Check Ins

Currently, we allow for Check In Reports to be downloaded here:

Click on the 'Check In Reports' button at the top of the page next to Payment reports. Here's the information that's available in these reports:

  • Membership ID

  • Email for Membership

  • Display Name for Membership

  • Membership Type

  • Check in date

  • Check in time

  • Check in timestamp

  • User ID of Checker

  • Alias of Checker (can be used for Location)

Screenshot below of an example of an exportable report:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track the Location of a Check-in?

Absolutely! When a 'Check In' is executed, Join It records that ID for the Account who completed the Check In. Within your Organization, you can name each account to represent a Location (Devices, Venues, Admin, Individual, etc.). This provides flexibility for Organizations to better track and receive deeper insights into their Check Ins.

How do I activate this feature?

Note: Activating the Check In Features requires one of our premium Packages such as our Total or Extra packages (see pricing here).

To activate the Check In features, navigate to the bottom of any Membership Record and click the Settings icon (looks like a 'gear' -- see screenshot below).

Once looking at the Settings, you'll see the option to show the Check Ins feature. Once you turn this on, you can scroll to the top of the Membership Record to use the Check In features.

This will only need to be done once and then it'll be activated for all Memberships moving forward!

As always, we'd love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions about setting up your Member Check In Software!

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