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Record an Offline Payment
Record an Offline Payment

Learn more about recording payments that occur outside of Join It's payment collection.

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One of the core functions of our member database is making it easy to track payments, regardless of how they're collected. In this article, we'll review the ability to record a payment that occurs outside of Join It and Stripe. Commonly, this feature is used to record payments made in Cash or by Check.


Variables of a Payment

When recording an Offline Payment, you have the ability to set:

  • Amount Paid - Record the amount that was collected for the payment (e.g. the value of the check, or the amount of Cash collected, etc.)

  • Payment Date - If you're recording the payment on a different date than when it was collected, you have the opportunity to

  • Note - Include an optional note attached to the payment.

Process as Renewal

One of the convenient options while recording on Offline Payment is the ability to process the payment as a Renewal. If you opt-in to process the payment as a renewal, then the system will automatically calculate and update the Membership's Status and Expiration Date.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Manually recording a payment from a member can be done in a few simple steps: 

  1. Navigate to the respective Membership record

  2. Click 'Add Payment', either at the top of the Membership record or under the Payments section

  3. Choose to 'Record an Offline Payment'

  4. Determine whether you want to process the Payment as a Renewal, which will automatically update the respective Membership's Status and Expiration Date

  5. Set the respective variables for the payment: Payment Amount, Payment Data, and Note (optional)

  6. Click the 'Record an Offline Payment' button

That's it! Once recorded, this offline payment record will be associated with this membership record.

Offline Payment Support via Members Portal

We also now have a New Feature on our Growth and Total Package Subscriptions that allow for Member's to select 'Offline Payments' as a payment method when joining or renewing their Memberships.

  • First you'll want to navigate to the 'Finances' tab, then click on 'Taxes & settings', on the right hand side you'll see the Offline payment option.

  • There you can toggle on which Membership type's you wish to have the option of a Member adding in an Offline payment.

  • Once the option is toggled on, member's will be able to have the option to choose to Join with adding in an Offline payment.

  • If they choose to do so, they will be added into your Organization as a 'Pending' Member until an Admin within your Organization has approved the payment. 

  • Once an Admin has approved the payment, you can then switch that member's Status to 'Active. 

As always, please let us know if you have any questions on this! :)

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