Tracking your Renewals

Learn more about the different ways that you can track renewals within Join It's Reports and Insight tools

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Within Join It, there are several options for tracking your Renewals.

  • Renewal Memberships Report: A brand new report that allows your to 'filter' based on the Renewal Date of the Membership.

  • Renewal in Custom Memberships Report: Whenever you run a Custom Memberships Report, you can now include a Column that lists the respective Renewals for a single Membership

  • Renewed Memberships per Month in Metrics: If you need a quick analysis or benchmark, check out the number of Renewals per Month in your chart in the Metrics section.

πŸ“£ Important Note: The infrastructure for this reporting was in place on December 1st, 2023. So these reports are unable to report on Renewals before this date.

Renewal Memberships Report

We've built a brand new report from the ground up based on feedback form our Organizations. We used to hear quite a bit that "we need an easy way to identify which members renewed during a certain period!", so we built a report just for that! 😊

Now, within your 'Insights' > 'Reports' > 'Membership Reports' - you can run a Renewal Memberships Report that allows your to filter based on the 'Date' that a Membership was renewed.

Additionally, before you run this report - you can choose which columns you'd like included in the output and choose the format for the report - e.g. CSV file or Google Sheets (which convert easily to PDF and Microsoft Excel)

Screenshot: Preview of the Renewal Report, showing the ability to filter your Memberships by Renewal Date

Renewals in Custom Membership Report

Another helpful way to report on Renewals is using the 'Renewals' column that are on every Memberships report! So now when you're running a report, like a Custom Memberships Report, you can easily toggle on the Renewals column and see when the respect Memberships have been renewed.

Renewed Memberships per Month in Metrics

If you're looking to do less specific reporting, and simply looking to benchmark your performance against other months or send high-level stats to a colleague - then the Metrics tab is perfect for that.

Within 'Insights' > 'Metrics', you'll find the "Renewed Memberships per Month" Chart.

This chart shows the count of Renewals that you had during each respective Month. Can you notice any seasonality or patterns?

Screenshot: Example of the Renewed Memberships per Month Chart that can be found within your Metrics tab.


Join It provides many different methods for tracking renewals - which can cater to the unique needs of each organization that uses the platform.

If you have specific needs that aren't covered within this group of reports, then we'd love to hear from you!

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