It's important to know the difference between these two settings, because they both are helpful in different ways. :) 

For memberships that say "No expiration date, re-bills on ...": 

  • This is only seen for members under a Membership type that is set up to automatically re-bill and have their Credit/Debit card information saved on file.

  • These memberships will automatically re-bill on their date listed in the Stripe column on the top left hand side of your members account. 

  • These memberships will receive Renewal Reminders (Type B) -- this is a general reminder of an upcoming payment with no action required. 

  • If their payment fails multiple times, then they might be moved to a 'inactive' state (this setting is found within Stripe - more information found on that here).

For memberships that say "Expiration Date: XYZ":

  • This would typically be seen under a One-time payment Membership type.

  • These memberships can not automatically re-bill because they don't have a credit/debit card saved in Stripe. 

  • These memberships will receive Renewal Reminders (Type A) -- this email has a strong 'Call To Action' prompting the member to manually renew their membership. 

  • If they don't renew their Membership by their 'Expiration Date', then they will be automatically moved to 'Expired' 

Note: The system behaves differently depending on whether a Membership is already set to automatically re-bill. If a member is added into your database manually (via the dashboard, or a Bulk Import), then their Credit card information would not be stored in the system -- So they'll have to manually renew when they come up to their Expiration Date.

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