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Renewal Reminders (Type B) - Automatic emails to remind members about upcoming payment
Renewal Reminders (Type B) - Automatic emails to remind members about upcoming payment

Learn more about the automatically triggered emails sent ahead of an recurring payment, when the member will be billed automatically.

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Automated Emails Overview

As a membership platform, Join It supports our customers by automating the membership life-cycle. Typically, these automated emails save our customers 100s of hours per month - and automated emails can be triggered across a variety of different events.

One of the most powerful parts of our membership software is the ability to collect recurring payments, so that members don't have to manually renew each month. When you're using automatic rebilling, you can configure a reminder to go out ahead of a recurring payment - these emails are called Renewal Reminders (Type B).

As an aside, there's a separate email called Renewal Reminders (Type A) which is triggered ahead of an expiration, when the member must manually renew their membership (no automatic payment) - these emails serve different purposes and can be customized separately.

Details of Renewal Reminder (Type B)

Renewal Reminders (Type B) are emails that automatically sent ahead of a recurring payment.

Features of Renewal Reminder (Type B) emails

  • Customizable message (can be set by Membership Type): Many organizations will include custom messages in the Renewal Reminders to personalize the message.

  • Adjust which admins are notified: In the Communications tab, organizations can adjust which admins are included on BCC of this type of message.

  • Determine the 'trigger' event: You can determine when you want these emails to be triggered - by selecting the number of days ahead of the payment.

How to Setup Renewal Reminder (Type B) emails

The emails for Renewal Reminders (Type B) are triggered ahead of a recurring payment. Because the recurring payment schedule is managed by your connected Stripe account, these emails will be 'triggered' by listening for an 'event' in your connected Stripe account.

To setup your Renewal Reminder (Type B) emails, follow these instructions:

  • Make sure these emails are 'Active' within Join It: Under your Automated Emails section within your organization dashboard, make sure these are 'Active' - by default, this type of email is set to 'Paused'

  • Configure an event within your connected Stripe event: Within your Stripe Account, you can select the 'event' that you want to trigger these emails (use this link to find this setting). You can select whether you want these emails to go out 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, or 45 days ahead of automatic rebilling. Make sure to click 'save' once you've made your selection!

Example of Renewal Reminder (Type B)

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