We've recorded a quick video overview of our Digital Membership Cards below. Additional details on set up are included below.

Organizations have the option to set up Digital Membership Cards, so that members receive a card attached to their Membership Confirmations. These Digital Membership Cards are compatible with all Apple iOS and Android smartphones.

This article will go into the details of setting up and offering Digital Membership Cards, if you're a Member looking for information on accessing your Digital Membership Cards -- then visit this article.

How do I set up my Organization's Membership cards?

  • First you'll want to be on our Total or Extra Subscription package to be able to utilize the Digital Membership cards.

  • Then you can navigate to the Memberships cards settings page by going to the 'Members' tab, then 'Members settings', then click 'Membership card settings'.

  • On that page you can click to 'Turn on' your Membership cards.

  • You can also customize your Membership cards with a 'Logo text' which can be your Organization's name or an abbreviation of it.

  • You can also add a logo, and update the colors of your cards.

Digital Membership Card Example

As an Organization, you can activate our default Membership Cards that come with a standard logo and generic scheme -- or the Digital Membership Cards can be customized to match your brand colors and logos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be customized on the card?

You can customize the design of the card to match the look and feel of your brand. This can be done by customizing the following options:

  • Organization Logo

  • Organization Name

  • Background Color

  • Text Color

  • Label Text Color

Can I change the layout / structure of the card?

The beauty and magic of these cards is that they are closer to a computer 'file' than a flat 'image'/photo.

On the plus side, this means that these cards can be used by many different compatible platforms - for example, they'll show up in your iPhone's Apple Wallet, on your Android phone, and even immediately compatible with your Apple Watch!

On the downside though, we're limited by the filetype on what we can directly customize. So we can add images, but we can't dictate exactly how the image is displayed / located.

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