One of the most powerful benefits of using the Join It platform is how easy we make it for your members to renew their memberships (if they aren't set up to automatically re-bill).

Through the Join It platform, unique links are generated so that your members seamlessly land on their renewal checkout -- which automatically populates their existing information, making it an easy one-step purchase.

In additional to facilitating a simple checkout, we also provide the option for them to switch Membership Types -- so they can renew at a different level.

Instructions (and screenshots)

Once your member clicks on their unique renewal link, they'll end up on the Checkout page.

Here, they'll see a link to 'Switch Membership Type'

After clicking on this link, they'll see the Membership Types that they are able to switch to.

Clicking anywhere on the segment for each respective Membership Type will make the selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Membership Types will my members be able to select from?

Members will be able to select from all of your Membership Types that are 'displayed' on your Profile. If a Membership Type is set to 'hidden', then it will not be available for selection.

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