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Managing Your Membership Types
How to hide and delete Membership Types
How to hide and delete Membership Types

This article will walk you through the steps for deleting or hiding membership types

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For most organizations, their offerings of different 'Membership Types' will change over time. Within Join It, you have the option to:

  • Delete - Deleting a Membership Type removes the option for members entirely

  • Hide - Hiding a Membership Type makes it so that it's only available via direct link). 

How to navigate to the respective Membership Type

Membership types can be deleted from your account or hidden from your profile. 

  1. Starting on your Dashboard, you can either click on the Membership Type (located at the bottom of your Dashboard) or navigate to a list of all your Membership Types by clicking 'Members' in the navigation and then 'Member Settings' (in the upper right hand corner). 

  2. Then, select the Membership Type that would like to update. 

  3. If you would like to 'Hide' your Membership Type, then click 'Edit Details' button and adjust the 'Display Setting' to 'Hidden' -- but if you'd like to 'Delete' your Membership Type, then this can be done by clicking and confirming the link at the very bottom that says 'Delete this Membership Type'.

If you still have questions about editing your membership types or if you need any assistance, then please contact us.

Note: Definitions for 'Hidden' and 'Deleted'

  • Hidden: Membership type won't be listed on your profile, but you can still add members as an admin.

  • Deleted: Membership type will be removed from your profile and the admin dashboard.

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