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Managing Your Membership Types
Setting the Display Order of Membership Types
Setting the Display Order of Membership Types

How to choose the order in which your membership types display on your organization's public profile

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Your public profile will likely be the primary way any prospective member will evaluate how they intend to interact with your organization. Clearly describing and displaying your membership offerings helps your soon-to-be members make informed decisions.

By default, membership types are displayed chronologically on your public profile, with the most recently added types appearing at the top of the list.

Instructions on Changing the Display Order of Membership Types

  1. Navigate to Membership Types: Access the Membership Types section by navigating to Members > Membership Types.

  2. Access Display Order Settings: At the top of the Membership Types page, locate and click on the "SET DISPLAY ORDER" button. (See screenshot #1 below)

  3. Adjust Display Order:

    • Current Order: Review the existing order of membership types.

    • Modify Order: Click on the membership type card you wish to prioritize and move it to the top of the list.

    • Arrange Subsequent Types: Proceed by selecting the order of subsequent membership types, moving them to the "Pending New Order" list as desired.

      (See screenshot #2 below)

  4. Save Changes: Once satisfied with the new order, click the green "SAVE DISPLAY ORDER" button to apply the updates to your public profile.

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2 (video)


Customizing the display order of membership types on your public profile ensures that prospective members can easily navigate and understand your offerings. By following these simple steps, you can optimize your profile to attract and engage potential members effectively.

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