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Setting up the "Contact Us" button on your Members Portal
Setting up the "Contact Us" button on your Members Portal

Learn more about how we handle visitors to your profile who want to contact your Organization

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It's common that visitors to your profile will need to get in touch to ask you questions about a potential membership, a previous payment, or anything else.

So your Members Portal has three different options for directing your visitors to get in touch with your Organization:

  • Default "Contact Us" feature by Join It: When you use the default "Contact Us" feature, the visitor submits a webform that Join It's email servers deliver to the 'email' address that's designated as the 'contact' within your profile (Hint: you can view/update that email address here).

  • Add your own website link for your external "Contact Us" page: Instead of using the default "Contact Us" feature, you can optionally add your own URL for an external contact form. This way, if your organization already receives inquires through a default channel - you can direct this traffic there. You can add your own "Contact Us" URL on this page.

  • Add your own "mailto" link to open the visitor's email client: Lastly, you can construct your own "mailto" link to go behind the "Contact Us" button. A "mailto" link means that when a web visitor clicks, the web browser will open up the visitor's default email client with a new email and your specified email in the "to" field. A "mailto" link follows this structure: - where you replace '' with your own email address. You can add your "mailto" link as the "Contact Us" URL on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the "Contact Form" email look like?

Below is a screenshot of an example of the email that you'll receive as the Organization when a visitor to your Members Portal submits the "Contact Us" form.

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