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Bulk Updating your Membership information
Bulk Updating your Membership information

Learn more about how to bulk update your Members information

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Do you have a bunch of Members with out-of-date information? If so, then we can help with performing what we call a 'Bulk Update'.

It's a very easy process that can be started right from your Admin dashboard!

Steps for Bulk Update

1. Download your Upload File: Download a list of your Memberships, including the ones that you want to Bulk Update. Make sure this exported file includes:

  • Internal ID (_id): The file must include a column for the Internal ID, this is how we make sure we correctly 'match' the information you want to update to the correct Membership Record.

  • [Columns to be Updated]: Please include whichever columns you want to have updated. You do not need to include columns that you do not want to have updated (however, the bulk update will not 'erase' data for columns that are included but are left empty).

You can export this data under the Insights tab here:

2. Update your Data: Once you have the sheet downloaded, now it the chance to edit the columns with the respective data that you need to be updated.

3. Send it Over! Send the file over to the Support team at Join It - either via email ( or via the chat within your dashboard - and you're all set! We process all correctly formatted files within 1 business day, but often within the hour!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I execute a Bulk Update without contacting Support?

Currently, no. All Bulk Updates are verified and executed by our helpful support team - who you can reach via email ( or the chat within your admin dashboard.

However, we do have a Feature Request for supporting Bulk Updates without contacting Support. You can vote for that here.

What fields can be updated via a Bulk Update?

We can Bulk Update any field! Yep, you heard me right, we can even update Custom fields and Member's Auto re-billing dates. :)

Will a Bulk Update add a member if they're not currently in our database?

Nope, a Bulk Update would only update existing Memberships. It won't add new members to your account. However, we can do that separately in a Bulk Import.

Will an automated email be sent out from a Bulk Update?

Nope, the only way an automated email would be triggered to go out through a Bulk update is if you were to update the Expiration date to be in the 'perfect' timeframe of when the Renewal Reminder is set to go out.

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