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Overview of SmartWaiver Integration
Overview of SmartWaiver Integration

Learn more about our integration with SmartWaiver

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To support organizations that need their members to sign a waiver or legal agreement, we've integrated with SmartWaiver.

Our integration with SmartWaiver allows you to add a Waiver to the membership form that's completed during the initial purchase of a membership and renewal of a membership.


Once you connect Join It to SmartWaiver, you can create a 'SmartWaiver' as a custom field. Once this is created, you can enable this Custom Field on Membership Types in the same way that you'd enable your other custom fields.

If you opt to make this a 'Required' custom field, then your member will not be able to complete their initial purchase or renewal without first submitting the SmartWaiver.

Connecting SmartWaiver

In this initial beta period, the folks at Join It are assisting with the connection of Join It and SmartWaiver.

Please reach out to Join It with a request to connect SmartWaiver, and provide them with:

  • SmartWaiver API Key

  • SmartWaiver Publishable Key

Both of these keys can be found within your SmartWaiver account here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to set up an account with SmartWaiver?

Yep! We've integrated with SmartWaiver as a partner, but you'll need to set up your own account with them here:

Within your separate SmartWaiver account, you'll be able to manage your waivers, look up waivers, etc.

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