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Managing Your Members and Membership Database
Adjust the Primary Field of your Members
Adjust the Primary Field of your Members

Learn about the different settings for the Primary Field on Membership records.

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While most organizations count Individuals as their members, it's also common for organizations to count their members represented by another field, like a Company Name

Being able to adjust the Primary Filed for members means that your members can be identified by different information and formats. 

Currently, we offer the ability to select between: 

  • First Name + Last Name (default)

  • Last Name, First Name

  • Company Name

  • One of your 'Custom Fields'

Additionally, you can select whether you want the Primary Field to be adjusted for all of your Membership Types -- or just some of your Membership Types. 

How to Configure your Primary Field

  1. From your navigation, go to 'Members' 

  2. Then from the dropdown, click 'Member Settings'

  3. Then find the tile for 'Edit Primary Field'

  4. Once you've navigated to the 'Edit Primary Field' settings, you'll see a form with options. 

As always, let us know if we can answer any additional questions!

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