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Managing Your Membership Types
Customize the messages that members receive after joining
Customize the messages that members receive after joining

Learn how to customize the information a member receives after purchase and confirmation emails

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In this article, you'll learn how you're able to customize the messages and information that your members receive after joining.

This information comes in two separate forms: 

Confirmation Email

  • When a membership is created, Join It will send a Membership Confirmation email to the new member. This email can be customized to include information from the organization (and can be set by membership type).

Members-only Information

  • After a member joins your organization, they'll be directed to a confirmation page that displays information about their membership. Organizations can include information that's specific to their membership type on this page. Additionally, when members come back to your organization's profile/member portal, they'll be able to re-visit this information (and see any updates). 

If you would like to see custom messages in action, then you can go through the process by signing up as a member with our demo account here

How to update Confirmation Emails and Members-only Information

Because custom messages can be customized by membership type, you can edit the messages in each of the different membership types. 

  1. Go to 'Members' section

  2. From the dropdown options, select 'Membership Types'

  3. Select the Membership Type that you would like to customize the information for.

  4. Click 'Set Confirmation Email' or 'Edit Members-only Information'

Alternatively, you can go directly to the settings of each membership type by clicking on the membership type in your dashboard.

Here's a screenshot to find both options:

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