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Can I use another Payment Processing option other than Stripe?
Can I use another Payment Processing option other than Stripe?

We offer some super easy alternatives to make note of member payments outside of Stripe.

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At Join It, we've partnered with Stripe for online payments because of the complex functionality that they support for recurring payments and because it's very easy to use.

That said, we know that organizations use other payment processors and it might be difficult to switch (e.g. Board approval is required). So we've developed a couple work arounds to support Offline Payments, if Stripe isn't an option for your Organization.

Option 1: enable members to join and follow up with payment through an alternative means

First, create a membership type that is listed as free, but indicates in the description that payment will be collected before the member becomes fully active.

You can configure the membership type to add a member with a "Pending" status.

This "Pending" status will act as a flag for an admin to follow up with a member to collect payment through an alternative means, e.g. cash/check, PayPal, etc.

Once payment is in hand, you can flip the member's status to "Active".

Option 2: Manually add a member and make note of a payment received

From your member table, click the "Add Member" button at the top. More information on this can be found here:

On the right you will notice a few payment options. Select which payment option best applies to this member: offline payment (cash/check/other online, e.g. PayPal), online (through stripe), or no payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently use another Payment Processor (e.g. PayPal, Square,, etc.) - can I use that instead?

Unfortunately, when processing membership payments online - Stripe is the only option that's supported when using Join It. We've chosen to partner with Stripe for payment processing because of their complex support for recurring payments (while evaluating some of the other options, the same functionality couldn't be supported).

We certainly understand the institutional overhead (e.g. getting board approval) with signing up for a new payment processor - but we can vouch that the operational overhead of signing up for Stripe is relatively low and easy due to their phenomenal User Experience design.

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