Membership Payment Emails

Learn more about Membership Payment emails that are sent after a member is automatically re-billed for their membership

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In addition to Join It's simple member communication tools (which are perfect for one-off emails to a single member or groups of members), Join It also has a number of automated and triggered emails that helps organizations effortlessly manage their members. 

Description of Membership Payment Email

Membership Payment emails are automatically sent once an automatically re-billing membership payment is collected.

When an admin of your Organization is adding a member through the admin tools, then they can decide whether to send (or suppress) a Membership Payment email. 

Features of Membership Payment emails: 

  • Adjust which admins are notified: In the Communications tab, organizations can adjust which admins are included on BCC of this type of message.  

Information Included in the Membership Payment Email

  • Organization's Name and Logo

  • Organization's Twitter, Facebook, and Website links

  • Name of Membership Type

  • Price of Membership Type

  • Button / CTA to View Membership

  • Customizable Confirmation Message

  • Member Information: Information provided by the Member during registration

Example of Membership Payment Email

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