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Sending one-off Renewal Reminders
Sending one-off Renewal Reminders

Learn more about how you can send one-off Renewal Reminders (in addition to the automated Renewal Reminders).

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Within Join It, organizations have a variety of options for sending emails to their members. 

One of the most valuable emails that gets sent is the Renewal Reminder -- and renewal reminders can come in two forms: 

  • Automated: In the Automated section, Organizations can set up and customize Renewal Reminders that they want automatically sent out ahead of an Expiration Date (e.g. 30 days before a membership expires, they'll receive a message). 

  • One-off: In addition to automated Renewal Reminders, Organizations can also send one-off renewal reminders using the Quick & Easy email tool. This is helpful because it can be done whenever needed and there is much more flexible targeting - so if you need to target all memberships that expire between Dec 1st and Jan 1st, that's possible! 

Targeting Options

  • Expiration Date: Target memberships based on a range of Expiration Dates

  • Membership Type: Target memberships based on their Membership Type.

  • Status: Target memberships based on their status (e.g. Active, Expired, Pending, etc.)

  • Joined Date: Target memberships based on the date that they joined. 

How to send one-off Renewal Reminders

Navigate to the Quick & Easy emails tool by using the side-bar navigation to go to Communication > Quick & Easy Emails. From there, you can either click on the Send Emails button, or use one of the Renewal Reminders shortcuts to send to a pre-made segment. 

Once you've selected who you want to target, make sure that you've selected the 'Renewal Reminder' template and add additional text that you want to include. 

Check your audience and your text one more time, then go ahead and send! 

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