Within Join It, we've made it simple for organization admins to look up whether a membership has unsubscribed from emails that are delivered via Join It.

To find a Membership's email subscription status, navigate to the 'Recent Emails' tab to see whether your members are still subscribed to emails that are sent via Join It.

When viewing the 'Recent Emails', we'll look up the subscription status in realtime and display 1 (or more) of 4 different notifications. The potential notifications are:

  • {email} has not unsubscribed and is able to receive emails via Join It

  • {email} has unsubscribed

  • {email} has unsubscribed from Quick & Easy Emails

  • {email} has unsubscribed from from emails sent via our Automated Emails tool

Below, we include two examples of memberships that are in these different states.

Example #1 - A Membership record when the Membership is successfully still subscribed to all emails via Join It.

Example #2 - A Membership record when a Membership is unsubscribed from emails sent via Join It.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Member only unsubscribed from Quick & Easy Emails / Automated Emails?

To be compliant with email SPAM regulation, Join It includes unsubscribe links in the footer of all emails delivered via our system. The unsubscribe links include the option to unsubscribe from emails of that specific type (e.g. Quick & Easy or Automated Emails) or to globally unsubscribe from all emails. So if a member is unsubscribed from a certain type, then it's because they chose to be removed from that group of recipients.

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