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How does a Member update their payment card?
How does a Member update their payment card?

Members can update their credit card or other payment information by logging into their profile with your organization.

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Members often need to update their credit card or payment information for various reasons. This article outlines the simple steps for Members to update payment details through the organization's Member Portal.

Steps on how to update a Payment Method from the Members Portal

Step #1: Accessing the Member Portal

To begin, members must access the organization's Member Portal. They can do so by visiting their profile page on the organization's website.

There are several ways to access the Member Portal:

Step #2: Editing Payment Details

Once in the Member Portal, members will see their memberships and options for managing them. They should navigate to the "Payment Details" option. (See screenshot below)

Screenshot #1

Step #3: Submitting Changes

After entering the new payment information, members should submit the changes to update their payment method securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can an Organization see how to do this from a Members perspective?

To gain a better understanding from the perspective of a Member, we suggest creating your own Member record and logging in through the Member Portal. This will allow you to experience firsthand what Members see and enable you to provide clear instructions on updating their payment method.

Here are more details on how to see from a Members perspective:


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