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How does a Member update their payment card?
How does a Member update their payment card?

Members can update their credit card or other payment information by logging into their profile with your organization.

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Members can visit an organization's Member portal to update their payment information.ย 

Updating a Payment Method from the Members Portal

Once a member has arrived at the members portal, they'll see their respective memberships for the organization (to learn more about locating the Members Portal, see the second section of this article) and options for managing their memberships.

A logged in member will see a menu of options within the Members Portal - and one of these options is "Edit Payment Details" (see Screenshot #1).

If the member selects the "Edit Payment Details" option within the Members portal, they'll be taken to a form that allows them to input their new payment method (see Screenshot #2).

Using these tools, a member will be able to update their payment method with the Members Portal.


Screenshot #1 - Once logged into the Members Portal, the member can click on the "Edit Payment Details" option in their menu.

Screenshot #2 - Under the "Edit Payment Details" section, member will see the opportunity to update their payment method.

Locating an Organization's Member Portal

To cast a wide net, there are several ways for members get to their organization's member portal -- however, the most straight forward way to direct members is by amending '/members' to your profile URL.

For example:

Additional ways that members will get to the Members portal:

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