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Overview of VenuePilot Partnership and Integration
Overview of VenuePilot Partnership and Integration

We're thrilled to partner with VenuePilot to offer an integration that connects two best-in-class products for our customers.

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Join It has partnered with VenuePilot to offer an easy way for independent venue owners to offer discounted tickets to their members.

Together, Join It and VenuePilot have worked hard to offer the best user experience for your buyers and members - so that redeeming membership discounts is seamless and easy.

How It Works

Your ticketing service, VenuePilot, seamlessly syncs to your members database on Join It. Which allows you to offer membership discounts to your ticketed events.

In more detail:

  • First, if you're not an existing customer of Join It - you need to set up your members database to run on Join It. This includes setting up your Membership Types and importing your members.

  • Second, if you're not an existing customer of VenuePilot - you need to set up your event ticketing to run on VenuePilot.

  • Once you're up-and-running on these services, you'll connect your Join It account to VenuePilot within VenuePilot and configure the discounts that each of your members receive. You only need to set this up once!

  • And finally, once this is all set up, your members will automatically receive discounts when they're purchasing tickets through the VenuePilot system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I set up the integration?

That can be set up directly within VenuePilot - since they've integrated our API the set up is actually done within their website. :)

Does the integration with VenuePilot cost extra?

Nope! The integration is included on all of Join It's paid Packages. For additional details on costs, view our Pricing here:

Will I pay duplicate fees on my Ticket Sales / Membership Dues?

Nope! You won't ever be charged twice on the same transaction. The easiest way to think about this is that:

  • Your ticket sales will be sold through VenuePilot

  • Your membership dues will be sold through Join It

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