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Gathering information about your members is an important task, one in which we strive to continue to make easier for your Organization!

Here's a glimpse at the Insights tab, now let's go over each option. :)

Membership reports:

Under this option, you'll be able to navigate through your Custom Membership reports, Saved reports, Active Membership reports and Recent active Membership reports.

One of the most commonly used option would be the Custom Membership reports. This option let's you create a report that works for your Organization.

If you click on the Custom Membership reports option (like below) you'll be able to filter by the Members Status, Membership type, Expiration date and Joined date.

You can also select which fields you would like added onto the report on the right hand side of this page.

When you're ready to view the report, you'll have the option to send the report to your email, view it via Google sheets, or once you've selected the 'Run custom report' button, you can also download it right from that page as well!

Payment reports:

If you click over to the Payment report option (screenshot below highlights where to click on that), you'll see the options for the Payment reports there as well!

Check-in reports:

Next to the Payment report option, you'll see the Check-in reports options if you're on the Total package or above.

You can learn more about our Check-in feature here.

Automated reports:

If you click down to the Automated reports tab, that's where you'll be able to set up and view your Weekly Metrics report!

You can learn all about the Weekly Metrics report here.

We're still working on adding more insights and reports! So In the meantime, tell us more about that your looking for by taking the survey below. 

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