This article will cover two related topics:

  • How members can cancel their memberships

  • How members can cancel their automatic re-billing (but keeping the membership 'Active')

How members can cancel their memberships

As a member of an organization, you can cancel your membership at any time by logging into your membership portal.

Please note that cancelling a membership can not be undone. If you have any questions about the implications of cancelling your membership with the organization, please reach out to a point of contact at the organization before preceding.

Follow these steps to cancel your membership:

  1. Login to your Join It account

  2. After login, you'll be automatically redirect to your organization's member portal. Note: If you are also an admin of an Organization, then logging in will take you to your Organizations dashboard. While users that are only members will be taken directly to the member portal. 

  3. If you are an 'Active' member, then you will see a 'Cancel Membership' on your membership card. 

  4. To cancel, click 'Cancel Membership' and follow the prompt. If this membership automatically re-bills, they'll be an option to only cancel the automatic re-billing -- more details are below. 

How members can cancel their automatic re-billing

Additionally, if the membership is set to automatically re-bill then the option for members to only cancel their upcoming payment will be presented. 

In this case, if the member cancels their automatic re-billing, then their status will stay 'Active' until the end of the current period that they've paid for. 

Organizations can set a Cancellation Policy

Organizations have the ability to adjust the settings on whether Members can be cancelled without contacting the Organization, so if you're unable to cancel your Membership yourself, then please contact the Organization directly. 

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