Renewal Reminders

Automate the sending of renewal reminder notifications as a membership is approaching expiration.

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Reminding your members to renew their membership with your organization is easy with Join It. With a few simple steps, you can set up friendly emails that are triggered in advance of an expiration date. Set it and forget it :)

Step 1: select "Create Reminder"
To start, from the "Renewal Reminder" section of the Communication feature, select the "Create new renewal Reminder" button.

Step 2: configure your email
Who should this reminder be sent to? When?

Use the drop downs selectors to choose which membership type (or "All Membership Types") will receive this particular message. Then, set how many days in advance of an upcoming expiration date this message should be sent.

Step 3: set the email content
Lastly, add a bit of body to this email and include a subject line. You may want to remind members what it is that they are purchasing -- outlining any important member benefits or other information that may be pertinent.

When the email is set up to your liking, click "Create Reminder" when finished to set the reminder live!

How do I change the Reply-to email?

You can edit the 'Reply-to' email under the 'Profile' tab in your Dashboard here. You'll just click on the 'Profile' tab then click 'Profile info' then 'Update profile information' and on that page you can edit your Organization's Contact Email.

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